The Art Of Dressing Right

Mastering the art of dressing right is not a complex formula, you just need to have a good grip over the basics.

Every occasion calls for a different type of dressing. Your everyday wear has to be different and a formal office function would call for a different outfit. Your dressing makes up your appearance and enhances your first impression. Everybody notices you a lot more when you look better than usual. Choose outfits that complement the nature of your day. Baby wooden coat hangers in australia are the most comfortable piece of clothing one can ever wear but restrict it to the weekends. If you wear them every day, people will perceive that you are lazy and have not invested time in enhancing yourself.

You have the opportunity to express yourself through your clothes. Why would you want to wear bland and boring clothes when you can be creative with your outfits? Putting together an outfit can boost your creative side. You can a cute accessory or take inspiration from Pinterest or Instagram and then try to recreate the look.

Dressing better boosts your confidence too. This might sound superficial, but it is the truth. Every self-help book you will read will have a tip to dress better. Better clothing would skyrocket your confidence and you will respect yourself more. This way you will expect the same from others too and would never take any less. Below are a few tips that would help you with dressing better:

  1. Find your colour. This is not a shocker that almost everyone has that cone colour that suits them better than any other. Try to find that colour. Play around with colours and find “the one”. Opt for colours that accentuate your complexion. If you have warm undertones, go for brown, olive, or gold colours. If you have cool undertones then opt for colours like black, white, and blue.
  2. Keep it classy. One of the basic rules is to not follow all the latest fashion trends blindly and see the trends which suit you. Cigarette pants and nude pumps/heels make a good fashion statement, incorporate them in your fashion routine and you’ll thank yourself later.
  3. Own a white button-up. Whether you are wearing midi skirts or flared pants, a white button-up would be the most versatile choice. A white shirt looks very sophisticated and classy and completes your whole look.

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